Fundraising events like our annual CopaBall, enable the Maricopa Health Foundation (MHF) to raise money that directly supports the programs at the Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS), contributing to vital community resources. These events raise awareness about the Foundation's mission. They also educate the community about the important work being done at MIHS in medical treatment, education, and research.

Our annual CopaBall Gala raises funds for a specifically identified need at MIHS, such as medical equipment for the Arizona Children’s Center or the Arizona Burn Center. Thanks to our very generous guests, we regularly raise over $100,000. These funds have been used to purchase items such as Cinemavision MRI Goggles, Accuvein Vein Finders, Waterless Breast Milk Warmers, Vecta sensory distraction machines, infant immobilizers, giraffe incubator accessories, a simulation newborn, and more.

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